visiting my grandparents

>> Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm visiting my grandparents during my month off from classes (gasp! how could I be so lucky) and I normally don't keep my camera attached to my hip like most bloggers. I'm trying to work on it though! I figure tomorrow I will borrow my grandfather's camera and go from there.

Christmas is Friday, which for a poor struggling student is scary...for most people it is scary. My family is mostly getting boozey brownies (which I hope to have pictures of me making tomorrow afternoon). I can't really afford to go all out, and I am hoping they agree its the thought that counts.

My throat and back have been sore all afternoon. My grandma thinks the throat is from the heating of the house, and my back I think is from sleeping funny (since I'm not in my bed). I'm just exhausted.


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