Some of my eats from the past few days...

>> Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kevin was starving when he got here on Friday so we did a restaurant trip out to Kelsey's. He had a shrimp and crab pasta dish (which I have a blurry pic to prove) and I had a veggie burger (w/bruschetta, tzatiki, red onion and mustard), side salad and a piece of Kevin's pesto garlic bread. I'd like to say I took half the meal home, but I didn't. I scarfed it down.

Yesterday, for a pre-workout snack I had a Luna bar and an orange. Then for lunch after my spin class I had a spinach/tomato/onion/pickled hot pepper sandwich with a few dill pickles...For dinner I had a spinach salad with onions, red peppers, salsa and a small chicken breast (grilled with a cayenne&cumin rub). Yummo-s!


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